Wisdom is the Principle Thing!

As Christians, it is so easy to fill up our prayer times with requests for so many things: provision, acceptance, health, success. And yet, the Bible is clear that “WISDOM IS THE PRINCIPLE THING”!

Increasingly, myself and other DMM team members, find ourselves involved in bringing about reconciliation in various leadership disputes. Counselling pastors and leaders has now become a predictable part of our regular routine.
At such times, we greatly rely on the voice of the Holy Spirit revealing to us His wisdom for that situation.

In my own personal world, I find my number one request is to know the wisdom that is the fruit of intimacy with my Father’s heart.

Just imagine the increase in provision, health, relationships and success, if every decision made was a wise one. Just imagine the value that you would impart into those that you love. Just imagine the reduction in stress. Just imagine the improved quality of life! If life is the fruit of the decisions we make, then truly indeed “WISDOM IS THE PRINCIPLE THING”!

Here is a great promise for you:
Proverbs 2:10 “For wisdom will enter your mind”…. I CLAIM THAT!
As we cultivate that conversational friendship with the Holy Spirit, this should be our daily expectation.

Love and God bless,