Divine Accidents

Divine Accidents


I often get retweets on some of the thoughts I send out on Twitter.

There’s nothing extraordinary about that.

Then there comes one that grabs your attention. There is no particular reason other than you feel compelled to look the person up and find out who they are. Then you feel a further urging from within to drop them a friendly direct comment and they reply. It is all so random.

Or is it?

That person then turns out to be the minister of a significant church in Hawaii. He tells you that he has already sat under your ministry. You connect. You discover that you have the same passions and values. With thousands of Christians in Hawaii, why was it that one in particular?

Then at a conference you get introduced to another minister that just happens to be from Hawaii. There is an instant connection there too as heart touches heart. You ask if he has ever heard of the other minister. He replies that he is one of his best friends and one of his mentors!

It all appeared to be so random. But yet there are hundreds of ministers in Hawaii.

Then there was a third one. Now I have an invitation to go and minister in Hawaii and the number of ministers lined up to have coffee with is growing!

My point?

For one of Father’s sons or daughters, I simply no longer believe in “random”! Once you begin to live a life under divine command, you stop being an accident going somewhere to happen.

Let me remind you that He has already walked the journey into your future and, knowing every detail of it, now orchestrates events according to His purpose.

David McCracken

Life still lived under our own directorship is indeed random and can often be most merciless.

Life lived out of intimacy with our Father’s heart is one of pre-planned strategy on His part, and adventure and discovery on our part. How awesome is that!

Life under self-government can be so complex and confusing.

Life under divine command narrows the choices down to one: “Father, what is your will and purpose? Empower me to hear you clearly and obey you boldly.” Then it’s just a matter of buckling your seatbelt and launching into this exciting journey as He daily directs your ways!

If you are fully surrendered, you can dare to trust Him.

Loving Him boldly,