Go After God’s Purpose

Last month we explored the question, How do we know that it is the will and timing of God? Today I want to share with you about pursuing the will of God. [1]

In Joshua 3:3, it says “Set out from your place and go after it.”

Go after it! I wonder how many of you today are willing to get up and go after it?

David McCrackenGo after your healing.

Go after your marriage reconciliation.

Go after your financial breakthrough.

Go after your challenge of faith.

Go after your new era of ministry.

Go after your new conquest horizon, as a church go after the lost, the destitute, and the needy of your city.

Go after that faith project.

Go after it. It is the appointed time. The land will not just jump into your pocket. You have to go after it. Seize the moment. Use your faith initiative!

But the challenge is, that in order to go after it one must first set out from their place. Not in a geographical sense it’s an attitude.

There has to come that moment of trust, where we let go of the security of that which is known and we are comfortable in, and launch out on the basis of God’s faithfulness and the word that He has spoken.

We will never with boldness seize our moments, if we have not first come to new levels of trust and security in our Father’s love. Maybe that is where you need to start. Insecurity (lack of trust) robs so many of God’s people from the moment of God’s opportunity. I do not want to miss the hour of my visitation because I allowed the logic of human circumstance to gain a greater voice within me than the Holy Spirit.

Don’t wait for a convenient time! Opportunities to serve seldom come at convenient times.

NOW is the Appointed Time!

Clothed in His grace and empowered for His service,


[1] Note: everything I say here is in the context of part one of this article, which can be found here.