Prophetic Insight 2015

Dear Friends,

I am gripped by the word ‘Redemption’.

I have a growing conviction that 2015 is going to be a year of redemption. Not only in the sense of people coming to Christ, which is the greatest expression of all, but also that the coming year will be one of promises given, and callings and commissions that rest on peoples lives but appear to be have been lost, being redeemed.

For many of you, 2014 has been a challenging year and during such times the sense of divine commission can diminish and grow dim. I believe the Lord wants you to anticipate this coming year as a time when seeds that He has sown in you in times past will now freshly germinate and spring forth into life.

The definition of ‘redemption’ in the dictionary is ‘to buy back’, ‘to pay the price to restore’.
Well, my friends, Jesus paid the complete price to not only redeem your soul, but every promise and calling He has placed within you.

This coming season is all about Jesus, a celebration of the introduction of redemption to mankind. Maybe this Christmas will not only see your own calling redeemed, but also give you the opportunity to help bring redemption to your another person’s calling. Christmas is about selflessly giving into the lives of others.

I pray that the Christmas and New Year period will be one of great encouragement to you and to your family.

Love and God bless,