Called to a Prophetic Life!

David McCracken

Dear Friends,

Let me make a challenging statement:

I believe that EVERY Believer is called to live a prophetic life!

Wow! I can hear some of the responses!

“But we are all unique.”

“Not all have the gift of prophecy.”

“My calling is to administration, not prophecy!”

But, stop and listen.

I did not mention a gift or a vocation. I spoke of your LIFE.

The word ‘prophetic’ simply means to hear God’s intention and to pass it on. I believe that is the responsibility and calling of every Believer.

We are all called to walk in intimacy with our Father’s heart, hearing His intention for people in our environment and having the wonder and joy of communicating on His behalf.

The keys are very simple: a selfless compassion for others, an intimate, conversational relationship with Father, a listening ear to the Holy Spirit, a godly attitude towards our Spiritual Oversight….and the discipline to hear His voice BEFORE we speak our own opinion.


I recommend such a life. It is so incredibly rewarding to know that you have enriched a person’s life because you paused long enough to hear what Father wanted to say to them.

Just imagine how that would transform every marriage, every family relationship, every business relationship, every church relationship. I pray that 2015 will be, for you, a year of pausing to hear Father’s heart for others.

Welcome to living the prophetic life!

Love and God bless,