Increase Your Life’s Potential

David McCracken

Dear Friends,

How much greater could the potential of your life become if you could come into alignment with others who share your goal and passion?

It has been well established that it is not the star player who wins the match. It is the team! And yet, if teamwork alone could win the game, then any group of men and women flung together could achieve that goal.

In order for a team to succeed, there must be alignment: the miracle of diverse personalities and backgrounds merging to a place of synergy so that they play as one body.

The dictionary explains alignment this way:

  • “the proper adjustment of components for coordinated functioning:”
  • “a state of agreement or cooperation among persons with a common cause or viewpoint”.

We were not designed to do life in isolation. We need one another. The Bible says that God puts the solitary into families.  When God gives us a commission, He also places that commission into the lives of others who will come and strengthen us in that pursuit.

I continually thank God for the team that I am a part of. In being one of a team, our potential is multiplied. If you have not yet found the alliance that God has ordained for you, now would be a good time to ask Him to reveal to you who they are.

If you are willing to surrender your independence and embrace the heart of others to walk with, you will discover a whole new era of potential!

Love and God bless,