The Birthplace of Your Miracle

David McCracken

Dear Friends,

Easter is all about a cross, a cave and a resurrection.

When Jesus triumphantly emerged from the tomb that was a cave, He was the ultimate declaration of a Biblical principle that touches the life of us all.

As the sun was darkened and the cruel reality of the cross seemed to annihilate His ministry and His call, it seemed like it was all over. And then came the darkness of the cave.

  • For Elijah, the cross was the persecution of a woman named Jezebel. It drove him into a cave.
  • For David, the cross was the murderous pursuit of Saul. It drove him into a cave.
  • For Lazarus, the cross was a fatal illness. It drove him into a cave.

But, my friends, it was not final! When we serve the God of resurrection, our cave becomes the place of a miracle.

  • Elijah emerged from the cave as an appointer of kings.
  • David emerged from the cave as a man ready to rule as king.
  • Lazarus emerged from the cave as a man conquered death because of the command of the King.
  • Jesus emerged from the cave as the King of Kings!

Let me encourage you: next time you find yourself in a cave, look up with anticipation. It is the place where kings are forged! Why? Because it is not final! As you respond to Father with a fully surrendered heart, the darkness of that cave becomes the birthplace of an infinitely greater season. For many of you reading this, this is resurrection morning!

Love and God bless,