Your Dream is on its Way

Life consists of seasons, and seasons require a transition from one to the other. Perhaps you can identify an area in which you are undergoing such a transition right now: vocation, marriage, ministry, finance, or relationships—even in who and what God wants you to be.Or perhaps I am describing a change that has been in the process of taking place and now is the climax of that. You may be experiencing the travail, the birthing and it is the final letting go that needs to take place.Transition is that inserted space of scary vulnerability, between seasons.I have a word of encouragement from the Lord; and I want you to keep it before you. That dream God has given you is on its way, and it is Father’s intention that it will come right on time. Transition and travail are not an indication of God’s absence, but a confirmation that a new day of promise is on its way. You are birthing a new day of promise! God has not forgotten you. You are in a vital season, going from ‘bearing fruit” to “bearing extravagant fruit.” (John 15:1-5)

Winter is not the cancellation of autumn – It is the birthing of spring. See the potential of the new day of promise ahead of you!

Love and God bless,


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