A New Era Begins with a Change in Thinking

It is time to go to a new level in your personal life, your marriage, family, finances, your occupation, business, your ministry!

Is God stirring your nest, provoking you, and bringing about dissatisfaction with the status quo? This is not negative, it’s positive! It is not a lack of gratitude, but rather a hunger for more.

Father’s prophetic declaration to you is incredibly simple: He wants you to trust Him enough to let go of the comfort zone and security of yesterday’s level of thinking and life’s experience. He wants you to offer him, without qualification, the capacity of your mind to imagine, breathed into by the Holy Spirit, and think according to His future purpose.

A new era must start with a complete change in thinking. This means seeing yourself as a royal son or daughter, one whom Father loves and intends to pour out His great favour upon.

Does your thinking anticipate Father’s great FAVOUR?

Proverbs 23:7 says, ‘For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.’ Quite simply, a man or a woman’s actions and lifestyle are the fruit of how they think—what he or she dwells upon and anticipates.

You need to:

  • Offer Him your thinking again
  • Reject all complacency, fear and intimidation that has restrained your thinking in the past
  • Plan in your diary times to wait on him and listen for those moments of inspiration that he will give you, thoughts (thinking) that He will send to your mind

It’s time to live life in the anticipation of increased favour, increased influence, increased provision, increased fruitfulness and, above all, increased souls

Love and God bless,


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