It’s Time to Prepare for What Lies Ahead

In life and ministry, there are seasons for battle and there are seasons to get prepared for that battle.

In Psalm 24, we meet ‘The King of glory…the Lord mighty in battle.’ But before that, comes Psalm 23: ‘He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul.’ (Ps 23:2-3)

Father’s invitation to ‘walk beside still waters’ is not an offer to a lifestyle of complacency, ease and passivity—it is an invitation to get prepared adequately for what lies ahead. Clark Kent doesn’t go into the telephone booth to set up house—he goes in to come out as Superman!

Still waters are for affection and intimacy, but they are also to prepare you for conquest. Before the commission, must come the revelation of who you are.

My friend, to be ‘mighty in battle’ you must live out of freshness, wholeness, and a non-negotiable conviction of who your Father is and who you are.

I urge you to create time for that which is the priority of your calling—your times of intimacy with Father, listening to His voice. Then out of that intimacy, to come forth ready for the conquest of what God has called you to do.

Love and God bless,


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