Prophetic Insight for 2016 from David

Wow! What a year! Almost everybody that I talk to has had a very challenging year, and yet one in which they have experienced Father’s amazing faithfulness. There have been financial crises, family crises, health crises and church crises. One significant church leader (always so positive and full of faith) told me it was the worst year of his life!

For me, 2015 has been a year of hospitals, specialists and doctors. And yet it has also been a year of incredible and wonderful encounters with my Father that have revealed to me the need for massive changes. Not changes that limit, but changes that will release me into HIS greater intention for my future.

I suspect that many of you are saying “Amen!” So many of you have, in fact, revealed such great attitudes in the midst of your storms that all of Heaven has seen it as a triumph, not a defeat. I believe that the Lord has shown me that this year has been all about tenderising our hearts, so that in 2016 He can inject those hearts with new vision, new dreams, and new initiatives. 2015 has been about the travail but 2016 will all be about the bringing forth! 2015 has also been about stripping away that which we thought was ‘our thing’ but was, in fact, limiting us from seeing and embracing His greater design.

In 2016 Father will now take those hearts made ready and show us horizons and territory that we would never have had eyes to see any other way. Let hope arise! 2016 is your year to hear clearly and obey boldly! 2016 will take your faith to levels you have never dreamed of and will release you from the limitations of yesterday to soar into the coming decades of abundance and fruitfulness!

May you have a Christ-filled Christmas and hope-filled New Year.

Love and God bless,


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