The Master Key to Your Fresh Anointing

What if I told you that as a Christian, there was one thing that would:

  • Release the fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit
  • Empower your prayer life
  • Increase your intimacy with Father’s heart
  • Accelerate your calling
  • Improve every human relationship
  • Replace anxiety with hope, doubt with faith, striving with peace, and insecurity with unshakable confidence?

What if I told you that there is one key for all of these things, and that it is not illusive, but unconditionally available?Wouldn’t it be worth your greatest pursuit? I believe so. My friend, it is the Master Key. And its name is: ‘First-love’.

When we first come to Christ, many of us are overwhelmed at the wonder of what has taken place. We are grateful, passionate, and dedicated to live for His cause. It is the state of first love. But over time, a spiritual ‘leanness’ prevails. We have left the simplicity of our first-love!

Jesus commended the church of Ephesus for their hard work, holiness and endurance. And then He said: ‘Nevertheless I have this against you, that you have left your first love. Remember therefore from where you have fallen; repent and do the first works…’ (Rev 2:4-5)
To ‘repent’ means to ‘acknowledge your condition and put it right’!

If you stop and listen, you will hear His voice. It starts as a Whisper and becomes an empowered crescendo in your spirit. It is the Holy Spirit, thundering out the cry of the Father from within your heart. “Come back to simplicity!” “Rediscover your first love!” It is a call to see yourself as His royal son or daughter, born of His seed with a Divine commission—unconditionally accepted and indescribably loved!

Today I call you back to FIRST-LOVE!

Love and God bless,


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