The source of bold decision-making

Whilst out walking the beach, I was amazed to see the transformation that happens between low tide and high tide. It hardly seemed like the same stretch of coastline. As I stood to take it all in, I thought: ‘see how much changes with the tide’. The only thing that had not changed was the huge rock that I had stood on the day before. Even with a full tide, it stood out, strong and established, the place upon which I could stand.

Friends, there is only one rock of truth today: God’s Word, the Bible. The Bible is God’s daily perspective on all that is in our world. It is His viewpoint in every debate and His final word in every discussion. It is eternal and, friends, not subject to the tide! Like that great rock I stood upon, it is impregnable.

The great tragedy is that so much of the Church has abandoned the central conviction that there is only one clear, precise, non-negotiable source from which all other convictions are to be forged: the Bible. The Bible is the ONLY point of reference that predictably declares exactly how God feels about an issue. It is, therefore, the ONLY reference that can filter the myriad of contaminating and misleading voices in the world today.

I pray that all Christians making decisions will rebel against the tug to hear the voices of society demands and political correctness, and return to the Word of God as the governing and directive Source of their convictions.

Let us not negotiate God’s Word, let us simply obey it! As we do, the future will be one of confident, bold, faith-filled decisions that will extend the Kingdom of God and see destinies fulfilled.

Love and God bless,


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