It’s time to take down the walls!

Nothing delights the heart of a father more than to see his children playing joyfully together. However, his heart is saddened when he sees them bickering and fighting.

Just imagine then how our Father feels when He sees dysfunctional relationships within His own family. How His heart longs to see us discover the wonder that He has placed within our diversity! God created us to love, support, honour and empower each other, and not only those who share our own bias and calling.

Here at David McCracken Ministries, we have a deep love for and commitment to the wider Body of Christ. We are all brothers and sisters, sharing the same loving Father. Forever mindful of our calling to minister without prejudice, we love it when Father opens a door to portions of the family previously ‘out of reach’.

From an early age, I have esteemed the work the Salvation Army do in giving our King credibility in the real world of hopeless and needy people. Now we have the great privilege of having one of our team, Christopher Trodden, minister into that inspiring portion of Father’s greater family. It is such a joy!