A selfless act can lead to a miracle!

Have you ever felt that God spoke to you very clearly about a step of faith, only to have the circumstances get worse instead of better? This is what happened to us at David McCracken Ministries early this year. We had two or three months of financial challenge, and when we went into prayer, the Lord spoke to us as a team to take a certain step which required even more faith than we were exercising before.

With excitement we took the step and awaited the provision but instead things became even more difficult. Throughout this time Holy Spirit would speak to us and say “Just hold your course, stay steady.” As the needs became larger and the bank account became smaller, He maintained the one instruction: “hold your course”.

During this time we received a burden for another ministry couple that were working amongst the indigenous people up North. We so longed to be able to help them. Then a business group invited me to go down and present whatever needs we felt to them for their funding consideration. Immediately I knew that Father was testing our hearts and so I went and presented to them, not our own needs, but the needs of this other family and ministry. In our circumstances, it seemed a crazy thing to do.

After deliberation, they came to the decision. They said that they would completely fund the projects I had presented to them to help the other ministry, but on one condition. That condition was that we were to except an equal amount for our own ministry team! Wow!

Friends, it is never a matter of provision it is always a matter of purpose! Father was not withholding from us, He was enlarging our capacity for the future which depended upon a listening ear to His voice and a selfless heart. Can I encourage you to hold your course, keep a listening ear and look to selflessly meeting the needs of others. As you do, God’s favour is attracted to you.

Love and God bless,


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