A way through obstacles

As I was having my prayer walk in the bush, I came across a tree that had fallen in the middle of the track. “Oh no! My way is completely blocked!” But then the Lord said, “Do not break your momentum, I will show you a way around it.” Sure enough as I got closer, I saw the gap that He had provided.

Just a few hundred metres further, there was another obstacle, and this time it was huge! The second tree was massive and appeared to completely block the path. It would have been so easy to turn back. Once again His voice said: “I have allowed this, do not slacken your pace, I have provided a way.” And, once again, as I got up close I saw a small gap that allowed me through to the other side.

Friends, there are times in life when we need to push through our obstacle and times when we need to stop, reconsider and pray about the course that we are on. But there are other times when, knowing the clear voice of God’s commission, we must continue and believe that the Lord has a way around that obstacle if we do not flinch and we continue full steam ahead in faith and confidence.

I believe I am speaking to many of you right now. It is often not the obstacle that stumbles us, but our perception of it as being greater than our commission. Obstacles in our path are our invitation for staying well tuned to the Holy Spirit’s voice, listening to His moment by moment instructions, and then deepening our resolve and strengthening our pace. Retreat is not an option! It is never been simpler: hear clearly and obey boldly.

Love and God bless,


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