Watch the invasion of Heaven!

It was one of those ‘aha’ moments! One of our team, Helen Calder, was sharing with us about her new book, ‘Prophetic Worship: Develop Your Ministry of Encounter‘ and the Lord reminded me of a scene from a movie seen many years ago.

In this movie there was a portal; a gateway to a planet many light years away by normal travel, but instantly accessible through the portal. The scene was one of incredible urgency as they tried to close the portal before an invasion took place from that distant planet.

In my ‘aha’ moment, the Lord reminded me of 2 Chronicles 20, when Jehoshaphat commanded the singers to go before the army and God gave them a great victory. He said to me, ‘praise is a portal!’
The walls of Jericho fell as the priests blew their trumpets and the people of God gave a shout of victory (Joshua 6). Praise opens a portal! It literally opens a gateway between the world of the seen and the world of the unseen.

Praise allows the invasion of heaven on earth. The throne of God, the presence of God, the battalions of angels, the indescribable authority of that realm, all gain access into our world through the portal of praise! When Paul and Silas were in prison, they sang their worship. The earthquake that opened the doors of the prison was simply an invasion of the supernatural, that gained access to their environment through the portal opened by their praise.

My friends, next time you are presented with an impossibility, open up that portal and watch the invasion of Heaven!

Love and God bless,



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