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Free Sample Chapter of ‘Bulletproof Your Marriage’

Margaret’s book will challenge, inspire, instruct and lift you into new levels of hope and anticipation for your own relationship. ‘Bulletproof Your Marriage’ will also be a great tool for you to share with others you care about, to give them keys that will help make their relationships strong.
Download and read a free chapter here: Bulletproof Your Marriage – Sample Chapter

 Free Sample Chapter of ‘You Did What?!’

In ‘You Did What?!!’, you will learn about the experiences and life decisions that have shaped David McCracken’s life and ministry as a Prophet. You will be challenged to grow in your faith, and expect and anticipate God’s miraculous provision and grace upon your life time and time again.
Download and read a free chapter here: You Did What?! – Sample Chapter

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Audio Messages

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Teaching on the Prophetic Pt.1 by David McCracken
What does it mean to be ‘prophetic’? In this first part, David stresses the call to be a prophetic people, though not all are graced to the Office of the Prophet, or have the gift of prophecy. The essence of a prophetic life is simply to hear and obey God.

Teaching on the Prophetic Pt.2 by David McCracken
David continues his teaching on how to be a prophetic people. The essence of a prophetic life is simply to hear and obey God. He stresses that love is the key to allowing the prophetic to flow, as this is the motivation in serving with any gift from God.

Re-Presenting Godby Steve McCracken
Re-present means to present again for further consideration. It is time for us tio re-present God accurately to the world, so that people can see and encounter Him. When people encounter God, there is freedom.

A New Seasonby Helen Calder
When a new season opens, it’s time to receive a fresh vision. God wants to restore your dreams, stir up your passion, release you from the past and into a new level. This message from the life of Joseph will encourage you in the ‘more’ God has for you.

Pentecost vs. Babelby Clayton Coombs
Whereas people from the one family of humanity were spread throughout the earth when confusion of language occurred at the Tower of Babel, that ‘one family’ is restored through the gift of language at Day of Pentecost. What was lost has now been regained.

Teaching Notes

PDF files (requires Adobe Reader) to download.

5 Steps to Possessing Your Dreamby David McCracken
Thousands of Christians dream dreams but only handfuls ever experience them as a reality. Here David identifies 5 steps to possessing your dream.

Don’t Postpone the Call of Godby Steve McCracken
There are general and specific calls of God for each one of us. To know them, we first need to come to know and to trust God, the author and finisher of our faith.


PDF files (requires Adobe Reader) to download.

Can I Prophesy if I Do Not Have a Spiritual Gift of Prophecy? – by Helen Calder
Are you interested in prophecy, but not sure whether or not you have a prophetic gift? You don’t have to hold back from exploring prophetic ministry. Here’s why. Click on the above link to view this article in Enliven Blog.

6 Reasons Why You Sbould Develop Your Prophetic Gift – by Helen Calder
Why develop your prophetic gift? Here are 6 reasons including stewardship, partnering with the Holy Spirit, growth, character and practical skills to focus on. Click on the above link to view this article in Enliven Blog.

Audacious Faith for Supernatural Solutions to Enormous Problems – by Clayton Coombs
This article challenges you today to line up your own circumstances with those Israel faced under King Saul. Let faith arise. Let hope arise. Let boldness arise. If God did it then, He can do it now. Click on the above link to view this article in Theology Matters.

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