How to Change the Atmosphere

Today, I feel compelled to share something with you.

Father knows your thoughts, your inner desires and dreams, your unspoken words of prayer. That personal and intimate conversation that is for His ears alone is precious and powerful. But… the angels and demons do not know the silent whispers of your heart. They are only impacted by what you say with your mouth!

Atmospheres do not change with the meditation of your heart; they change with the confession of your mouth. Your praise does not shift the armies of Heaven unless it is verbalised. Your worship and adoration, which is for HIS ears alone, can be silent. The beauty of a heart overwhelmed in His presence is a beautiful thing and He loves such moments. Indeed, we should have more of them. However, it is in the confession of our lips that our spiritual authority (an internal reality) is expressed and His will is enforced on Earth as it is in Heaven.

There is a world of difference between worship and adoration (which can be verbal or silent) and praise. Praise has a two-fold objective. Firstly, it brings joy and gladness to our Father. Secondly, it silences the Accuser and is a witness to the Heavens. For that to be so, it must be verbalised! As long as it passes your lips in an audible manner, the quietest whisper can thunder across the Cosmos and change the course of that day. It can intimidate the armies of darkness and it can empower the armies of light.

Your every verbal expression of love and gratitude to your Father destroys the lies and intents of your enemy (humiliates him) and causes celebration in the Heavenly hosts! And, most importantly, that whisper (or shout!) is heard by your own ears. From there, it enters your heart, dispelling doubt and creating faith.

Scripture is adamant: for there to be a transaction in the Heavens, the word has to be in your heart (a sincere, authentic conviction) and upon your lips (a faith-filled confession).

Love and God bless,


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