DMM Family of Ministries

David McCracken is an apostolic advisor to an increasing number of churches and individuals. In addition to these apostolic relationships, there are a few ministries that David has close personal relationship with and speaks into regularly. The directors of these organisations have requested to bring their ministry under the covering of the David McCracken Ministries Family of Ministries.

Some of the ministries within the DMM Family of Ministries are a separate entity and have their own board, financial accountability and legal covering, while others are individuals who minister from under the covering of David McCracken Ministries. Each of these ministries relate directly to David as their spiritual father and apostolic oversight.

David McCracken Ministries – Family of Ministries

Helen and Malcolm Calder

Helen & Malcolm Calder

Enliven Ministries

‘Enliven’ is a synonym for ‘revive’. Enliven Ministries is the ministry of Helen Calder, who is a prophetic minister, teacher and writer. She is known for Enliven Blog, an online prophetic training and mentoring resource that reaches thousands of people globally. As a prophetic preacher, Helen’s passion is to be a catalyst, bringing a ‘NOW’ word from God to impart timely encouragement and breakthrough to churches, businesses, organisations and individuals. Helen’s ministry often includes prophecy and prayer. She loves to help people have life-changing encounters with God, in which they see who they are through His eyes and catch a glimpse of the destiny He has for them. Helen has a unique gift of equipping in the areas of hearing God’s voice, prophecy, discernment and prayer. She has written eBooks and has online courses available, including a Prophetic School and a Prayer School.

Jim and Anneke Shaw

Jim & Anneke Shaw

Jim Shaw Ministries

Jim Shaw Ministries is the ministry of Jim and Anneke Shaw. Jim and Anneke were David and Margaret McCracken’s assistant pastors in New Zealand for seven years, before they took over as Senior pastors of Manukau New Life Church, in 1989. In 2018 they were released as itinerant ministers. Jim’s major gift is teaching – he has a Masters degree in Christian Studies majoring in Leadership and has been a member of the New Life Church executive team in New Zealand for the last 25 years. Jim has written several books and has a widely followed blog call ‘Insight’. It is Jim and Anneke’s heart to bless and strengthen the Church through preaching, teaching, resources and personal relationship with ministers.

Chris and Jen Trodden

Chris & Jen Trodden

Chris Trodden

Chris loves working with pastors and ministries to reach their goals in strategic and Spirit-inspired ways. Chris also loves teaching the Word of God to others in exciting and life-giving ways. Chris has served the Body of Christ for over twenty years and is an ordained minister in the ACC. With strong gifting in teaching, strategy, marketing, and the prophetic, Chris will bring new perspectives and insights that will equip your church. Currently, Chris ministers full time for The Salvation Army, creating resources for over 300 churches across Australia. Before this, Chris was the director of marketing and fundraising at MST, a lecturer at Harvest, and a senior pastor. Chris is married to Jennifer, the Head of Campus of the newly established Wyndham Christian College in Manor Lakes. They have two wonderful daughters and two super cute puppies. Chris’ burning passion is to pursue God’s heart, hear His voice clearly, and help others.

Kamal Jassal

Kamal Jassal

Kamal Jassal

Kamal is a prophetic minister who loves to encourage and inspire churches and individuals with the word in season that releases them into the purposes of God. The mandate of her ministry is ‘Hear Clearly and Declare Boldly!’ Long knowing she is called to be a prophet to the nations, she was released into this ministry in 2014. Kamal not only preaches and teaches, but also does training on subjects of the prophetic, leadership and intimacy with Father. She is passionate about seeing the Church become all that Jesus intended. She believes in the Word of God being preached uncompromisingly, and Holy Spirit empowering believers to be and to do all that Father intends for them. She desires to impart the heart and love of Father in ministry to others. Kamal is happily married to Sanjiv and they have four wonderful kids, or maybe five with their adorable dog.