Nothing is Impossible

Have you ever felt God was asking you to do something completely unreasonable? Something that was glorious and wonderful in its potential but utterly impossible in its execution?

“Why entice me, Lord, if there just isn’t any possibility of it?”
Well, just imagine being Joshua! The Jordan is a raging torrent of water that forbids the Israelites from going into the Promised Land. It was simply impossible to cross! And yet the promise could not be fulfilled without crossing it.

As we approach 2016, I want to assure you that God has an increased adventure of faith for each one of us. However, I also have the conviction that if we are to possess HIS ultimate intention, it will involve embracing that which is impossible. We will know what it is to stand at the edge of Jordan – we will sense the imminent revelation of a commission that will be not only extraordinary in its potential but utterly impossible in its execution. 

Can you just imagine Joshua?

The first question must have been: “But Lord! Where is my rod?! I believe You can part the waters because I have seen You do it before. But I need the rod! Moses had a rod! The Miracle Power to part waters comes with the ROD anointing! Lord, where is my rod?”
But this time, there was no rod.
“Lord, how can You expect me to part the waters if You take away from me the very anointing that one needs to part waters?!”

  • How can I build without brick and mortar?
  • How can I achieve without finances?
  • How can I travel without a healing?
  • How can I produce a book if I cannot write?
  • How can I succeed if the business has to close?
  • How can I start another campus if there is no venue?
  • How can I achieve more for Your Kingdom if the very thing I have always used to achieve it with has now been taken from me?

I can just imagine the perplexity in Joshua’s mind: “My God, why have You taken the rod of Moses from me in the time when I desperately need it?!!!”

But the Lord’s method this time was to be so very different. This time no rod was necessary. This time His presence alone would part the waters. As the priests who carried the Ark of His Presence stepped into the waters, without the rod and without Joshua giving any miracle commands, just in simple obedience and faith, the waters parted!

God was taking them to an even greater level of trust and obedience. It wasn’t His neglect that removed the rod; it was part of His greater intention. He wanted them to know that they served “A God for whom NOTHING was impossible!”

Friends, as we put our hands up and volunteer for the supernatural adventure of 2016, what do we need to hear?
Matthew 19:26…But Jesus looked at them and said to them, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.

  • “With GOD” – Just Him! His power, His presence, His person!
  • ALL things ARE possible!” – A totally unqualified statement!

It is time to live a MIRACULOUS LIFE! – Not just believe it intellectually or include it in our preaching, BUT to live it!

I invite you to join me in volunteering for a life of unqualified surrender, a life in which we say to Father; “Whatever You ask me to do, Lord, I will do it!”

Let the new adventure begin!!

Love and God bless,


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Discover the Place of Complete Surrender

David and Margaret McCracken

Sitting here looking out across the lawn and the trees on a beautiful spring day, the physical trauma of recent months seems so distant now. I am grateful that the Lord has restored my strength and health and that He has so wonderfully redeemed my time of enforced rest. What was it all about? Oh, I am sure that the devil’s agenda was to sabotage and destroy, but he is not the Lord Director of my life. Father has had His own agenda!

HE clearly spoke to me one morning and said: “I want the rest of your life as a blank sheet of paper.” I was amazed, as I sincerely considered that was the case already. However, over a period of a few weeks He showed me how subtle the nature of our desires can be, and how our view of the future can be influenced by our knowledge of the past.

Finally, I was able to come to a place of complete surrender, with no qualifications attached. What an incredible sense of anticipation then flooded my heart! Father has now given me a very clear commission for the decades ahead. This has necessitated me relinquishing much of what I was doing, in order to embrace the Apostolic/Prophetic responsibilities He has given me. At almost 68 years of age, I am feeling privileged and excited about the future! So grateful.

In order for this to take place, Steve has taken over the executive leadership of the DMM team and organisation. I remain the Apostolic Dad, primary visionary and responsible for the global/nations aspect of our ministry, but everything else is now under Steve’s leadership. Our whole team and I are excited about the obvious mantle that God has placed upon Steve at this time. His leadership is outstanding!

For all of you who prayed and gave in support over my difficult months, I am forever grateful. Friends are a beautiful thing!

In closing, can I encourage each one of you to take some time aside to present yourself afresh before the Lord with your own blank sheet of paper to see what exciting new things He would write upon it for your future. Of one thing I am certain: He has a remarkable and fruitful new era for each one of us, if we dare to embrace it.

Love and God bless,


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