A transition between seasons

In our team at the moment, there is that strange but deeply felt collision of diverse emotions attached to transition. DMM goes from being a team of ministers to a family of ministries. Each of the team now step out in trust and faith, to possess the greater tomorrow that lies before them.Just as it was that first Christmas when Heaven invaded Earth, the emotions surrounding the death of an era and the birthing of the new are those of great joy—and yet there is the very real vulnerability of facing that unknown tomorrow. ‘Tidings of great joy’ explode unlimited new possibilities and yet the comfort of predictability has been removed. It has always been so.

Transition is, by virtue of its intended purpose, a time of great faith. It is also a time to trust that the One who has ordained our new era has already gone before to light the path and make every provision. It is wisdom to trust Him!

Without transition, we forever linger in the shadows of what might have been and the sadness of watching others reach the fulfilment that could have been our own. That is a sadly impoverished existence that leads to regret and eventually, bitterness of spirit. Simply put, it is not an option!

As we celebrate yet another Christmas, I urge you to consider its intended purpose: Jesus said “I come to give you life and that MORE ABUNDANTLY!” Not an existence, not normality or predictability, not boringly secure in man-made boundaries of mediocrity, but rather an abundant, extravagant, audacious, faith-filled adventure of discovery!

The invasion of Bethlehem was in itself a daring and bold initiative with global implications. A King was born and a Kingdom given. The Author of that initiative now beckons you and I to be so full of His Spirit that we carry on that initiative and enable His conquest to continue.

This Christmas, thank Him for yesterday with a heart filled with gratitude and honour Him by embracing the new day He has already prepared for you.

Love and God bless,


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A New Era of Change for DMM

David and Margaret McCracken

God is a God of seasons. There are seasons to prepare the ground, plant the seed, water the seed, reap the harvest, and then to sow more seed from the plentiful harvest that has been reaped.

God is a God of families. Loving parents sow selflessly into their children, not with a desire for the children to be dependent upon Dad & Mum forever, but to become mature and self-sufficient, while maintaining a strong healthy relationship for life.

David McCracken Ministries (DMM) is a family that is in a transitional season, and God’s fingerprints are all over it. Father has arrested our attention to His original commission, and now He is ready for us to step into His next season for us all.

Let me briefly back up and share a couple of thoughts that will give context. Father asked me to:

  • ‘input into those who will greatly multiply the seed’
  • ‘raise up seven prophetic ministers by 2015′
  • ‘be a spiritual father to spiritual sons and daughters’

These were always the goal. These were always Father’s commission.

So what has changed?

Father has shown us clearly that this is the time and season to release our mature spiritual sons and daughters to ‘leave home’ while retaining their relationship to us and to each other for life.

So it is with a sense of Father’s leading and faith-filled expectation that DMM will look different in January 2017 moving forward.

Up until now, we have been a ‘Team of Ministers’ that are part of the DMM organisation.

Moving forward, we will be a ‘Family of Ministries’ with me still being the common apostolic oversight. However, organisationally, they will now be self-governing, self-supporting and self-initiating.

This is not DMM disbanding or downsizing, but rather, DMM multiplying – which we are sincerely celebrating! This is Father’s appointed time and we are ready to step into all that awaits us.

I want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to every one of you. Over the years, many of you have fervently prayed, generously given and faithfully encouraged. We could not have done the journey thus far without you, but nor do we want to step into the next season without you.

I want to encourage you to consider what God might be saying to you about our future and how you can be a part of it. If you are currently praying or giving, does He want you to continue? If so, the family members stepping out are Steve, Malcolm, Helen, Kamal, Rosie, Clayton, Anne and Chris.

If your ministry has been one of sowing financially into our ministry, does the Lord wish you to continue to do so? If so is that into the existing ministry that will continue with Margaret & myself, Rob and Dee or is it sowing into one of the family who are stepping out into self-supporting ministry, being Steve, Helen, and Kamal?

We would love to continue journeying with you and seeing the Church empowered globally through prophetic ministry.

I know that some of you will have questions and we would like to try and answer them. Please contact us or call one of the Team that you have relationship with.

Finally, we are so very grateful for each one of you and your love and support over all these years. We also thank you in advance for your continued love and support through this transition period and the future years and decades to come.

Love and God bless,

David & Margaret McCracken

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