The Nature Of The Prophetic

Is living a prophetic life only for those who are on some higher spiritual plane? Or have we unnecessarily complicated the gifts of the Spirit? If you want to sharpen your focus in the prophetic, then this book will help you to experience fresh Holy Spirit revelation. From the foundation of godly character development, The Nature of the Prophetic will show you how to express your gift with clarity and humility, and how to grow in intimacy with God.

As you read this book, you will:

  • Learn to cultivate spiritual awareness
  • Discover keys to the delivery and timing of the prophetic
  • Understand the importance of spiritual gifts in the Church and the wider community
  • Develop your prophetic gift in alignment with the mind, will and intention of God

124 pages – available in paperback, PDF or EPUB

The Nature of the Prophetic


What’s Inside

The Nature of the Prophetic is a practical, easy to read guide which will help you develop your spiritual gifts. Based on James 3:17, the book teaches on the essential qualities needed to live a prophetic life.

While this book is focused on the prophetic, the principles and outworking of the nature of the prophetic are relevant for each and every spiritual gift, not just the gift of prophecy. In particular, those gifts that involve giving a ‘word’ (words of wisdom, knowledge, prophecy, encouragement, or discernment) will benefit from the content. The examples and scriptural applications will give you a solid framework for your life and ministry, and the book can also be used as a resource for a small group study.

The Nature of the Prophetic is about discovering the wisdom which will enable you to live a prophetic life and daily receive fresh revelation from Father. Learn how to discern when you are hearing from God, and develop the confidence to step out in authority to release His words.

About The Author

Sally McCracken is a part of David McCracken Ministries and comes from a rich heritage of faith and spiritual gifts. She loves to expand on God’s Word in a way that is practical and applicable, particularly in the area of wisdom. Her husband, Steve, is a recognised Prophet and together they are full-time prophetic ministers. Based in Melbourne Australia, they have two daughters.